UI design

User Interface Development is a complex iterative process. FreshDevelopment is constantly developing applications and know how they should work, but most importantly, we know that creating attractive images cannot guarantee the success of an application. Our UI designers have a deep knowledge of mobile technology and understand the features of each mobile operating system. Before each project, they analyze the target user base, in order to offer an interface that will translate into the most effective use of the application. Whether, the project is creating a static browser or the development of an application for mobile platforms.

Website design presents some challenges, due to the variety of display screens and permissions required. Therefore, designers should be acutely aware of the difficulties in achieving universality. Be that as it may, whether an application is being ported from a web browser on iOS for an Android-powered device, or an iPad version of an existing application or website design is being created, the project should not lose its professional look.

Efficient arrangement in the UI plays a big role in these projects, as the development effort and duration of development are highly dependent on these factors. Convenience and good UI is the result of adhering to the following steps:

  • A complete study of the target audience;
  • Intense market research;
  • Creating a conceptual layout;
  • Total integration;
  • Testing of the user behavior;
  • And finally approval.