Testing & debugging

The final stage of developing a website of any size, is testing the site for errors, both in technical terms and in the logic of visitor interaction. The result of this step, is a report that provides a general list of errors and makes recommendations for addressing them. Conducting internal testing and debugging can drastically improve your chances of avoiding losses in the future.

The necessity of this development phase of the website is clear, as some website bugs can lead to a total collapse of the system, which could result in material, as well as potential sale, losses.

Typical errors that can be tolerated by developers and require further testing are:

  • Mistakes in security, where restricted sections of the site can be accessed by any visitor
  • Errors in the performance of the site, where the server ceases to cope with the number of visitors it is receiving. This can lead to the total collapse of the system, causing a major headache.
  • Error in the management system, where the system does not work well while correcting individual sections of the site
  • Communication error with the site, causing a disadvantage in using the site for the visitor or the administrator

Testing and Debugging the website begins with the development of a test plan that describes all the possible methods for a visitor to interact with the website. The main directions to the test modules are to check the log-in process, which may account for the greatest burden on the website. After that, the testing agency team begins the inspection of all other areas of the site.