Tech specs development

The development of technical specifications is one of the most important steps in creating a website. During this stage, one must define which function blocks will be present, which in turn, define exactly how the user will be able to interact with the website. It is also very important to outline the main idea the site needs to convey by developing the website's concept.

The development of the website's concept is carefully thought out by the agency's employees. Only after having analyzed the scope of the company and identifying the tasks that should be decided by the site, can they begin developing the general atmosphere of the site. This general atmosphere must take into account such things as the mood or feeling the site needs to have, the site's overall structure and which interactive elements must be present within the site to achieve the desired effect. This concept information is the starting point for the work of the artists and designers.

However, having the concept only is not enough to get started on building the website. The development team must also have the technical specifications to begin their work.

The technical specification make up the outlining document that presents all the pertinent information about the future of the project and must include the following terms of reference:

  • A general description of the project as a whole;
  • The technologies that are to be utilized in the construction of the site;
  • Its server requirements;
  • The general structure of the website;
  • Each of the functional blocks needed within the site;
  • A general layout of each page;
  • Cross-references to the website;
  • and a functional control panel to run the website.

The presence of well-written specifications, allow you to organize the needed tasks amongst everyone in the development team, thus reducing the total time required for the development of the website. While, also, helping to avoid errors and misunderstandings between the customer and the artist.

Having the knowledge of implementing more than a dozen projects, Fresh Development staff will assist you in preparing the terms of reference, which will be the first firm step towards the creation of an effective and efficient representation of your company.