Analysis of current website

A comprehensive audit of your site is a complete analysis of the website.

We identify texts and bugs in its pages that can result in a low ranking in search results. Our experts will examine your site for compliance with the requirements of search engines, as well as, make changes to facilitate an accurate and rapid ingress of information flow to search engines. A text and technical audit of the site is a basic step in the complex process of its search engine optimization.

A comprehensive audit of the site includes a number of interrelated processes:

  • Security audit of the site - check for the possibility of breaking into the resource
  • Audit of site promotion - compliance to the site requirements of search engines
  • Technical site audit - analysis of the technical component of the site (meta tags, titles, etc)
  • Text site audit - check content of the website to sell the entry of key words
  • Search site audit - check the most significant items in terms of search engine site control
  • Analysis of competitors' sites - determination of search markers, milestone internet promotion rivals

Depending on the required depth of research, you can order a full site analysis or an express audit.

Our actions

In the SEO-audit (Search engine optimization), specialists perform for our customers a number of tasks that contribute to a more effective promotion of websites in search engines.At the beginning, our experts will examine the features of your business environment and identify key features of your target audience. This analysis allows us to understand the specifics of the industry and to identify the key features of SEO within it.Next, we create a list of search queries on the target audience of your customers and rank them in order of priority.The third stage should be a text site audit, in which we determine the visibility of the main keywords on the site and create a report with recommendations for textual corrections. Implementation of these recommendations, may increase the position of the site in search results.

During this stage, we also analyze your competitors' sites, track their Internet activity, the dynamics of position changes within search engines, their keywords, which are moving rivals, etc. Based on this data, we build your promotional tactics for your site in such a way that at the least cost output, you can out perform the competition, as quickly as possible.

We also analyze the promotion of our customers sites. We analyzing the dynamics of the visitor's attendance on your website. With particular attention paid to the traffic sources and links, and which ones most often lead visitors to your site. Audit of the site ends with the report, which includes the results of the check and the recommendations to improve the text and technical aspects of the site. In the case of re-analysis of the site, the results will be compared with the existing report.