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Visitors to the online store, "Your Tires" can easily pick up new "footwear" for their car. This one-stop-shop provides a convenient search engine, which has been integrated with online directories, providing the customer detailed product information on a wide range of tires. In addition, this website saves the client's personal favorites, and offers many more features, all of which make this store simple to navigate and fun to use.

Ваши шины
When selecting tires for a specific car model, customers are able to not only choose the best type of tire for their climate, they are also able to browse different sizing and styling options. The tire calculator easily evaluates changes in price when you change the desired size or style of tires and provides basic information about the store where the tires are located. Orders are processed through the convenient store management system, developed by the studio Fresh Design. This system allows the administrator to easily monitor the store's performance and update information throughout the site, as well as, create promotional offers and discount programs. 

The export and import directory resource allows administrators to easily update information on the availability of goods, making sure the visitors always view the most current information.


"Your Tires" provides integration modules to directory site services such as Hotline, HotPrice and

Интеграция с онлайн-каталогами

In addition, the entire website is optimized for search bots, as we have developed a special system of selecting meta-data. The site provides, up-to-date information on each page of the catalog, not only for each model, but for each individual tire size. Thus, greatly improving the position of the website within search engines and drastically increasing the number of potential clients to the website.

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