Green day

Commercial and industrial company, "Alef-Vinal", a leader in the market of alcoholic beverages in the Ukraine, added to its portfolio in 2012, with a new eco-brand, Green Day™. Green Day™ is executed by utilizing Eco Technology™, which ensures good health after consumption, making it a very innovative product.

An impressive product, deserves an equally impressive website, so in developing the perfect site for the presentation of Green Day™, we decided to move away from the standard Flash solutions and created this website using HTML and CSS technologies. In addition to compatibility with older browsers, this website can be viewed on any tablet device without complication.

Due to the nature of this product, a disclaimer must be agreed to before entering the website. Thus, navigating pages without reloading was required for functionality. Once inside the website, you will notice the text and graphics loading dynamically while the elements of corporate identity remain static.

For a bright and vivid demonstration of the process of production, a vibrant page was developed that provides information on each stage of creating Green Day™ products and how they acquire their unique properties.

The transitions between pages of a site are gradual and visually stunning. Animation was added to the bottle on the home page, which becomes active when you mouse over it. In addition, on the products page, an animated change from the different types of Green Day™ bottles was created. A few other equally pleasant animations can be found throughout the site, attracting the visitor's attention.

With the huge increase of potential clients viewing websites from their phones, a large section of the market is beyond reach if your website is not compatible. Therefore, we developed a mobile version for easy viewing on all screens with low resolution capability.

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