Once on the corporate website of the construction company, Gradex, visitors can immediately determine the direction of the company. Whether the visitor is a retail customer, a potential corporate partner, a future employee, or just someone interested in construction or renovation plans, this website makes it easy to find exactly the information they require.

Potential customers and future partners will find it useful to learn more about the history and future plans of the company, as well as, view projects realized by the company. Retail customers may be interested in the online store, which provides a complete catalog of products within the company's warehouse. In order to handle the vast number of positions for this site, we developed a convenient system of managing the online catalog, so updating the price list (balances, cost, etc.) can be done in just three clicks. Given that construction is a commonly used topic on the site, a number of works were conducted on search engine optimization and a number of sections were created. These are not only useful for the visitor, but also improve the position of the site in search engines.

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