App for IOS

For companies who have their finger on the pulse of current trends, we are developing mobile applications for iOS (for the iPad, iPhone, iPod touch), that perform specific business tasks for customers.

Business Applications

A well-designed application that will help develop your business by creating a new way to promote your brand and increase the sales of goods or services. In addition, mobile applications can expedite a whole new and rapidly growing channel of communication between your organization and the customer.
Promotional Applications
Such applications are not designed to promote your company, but to promote the goods or services your company offers. If the product has a story to tell, a quality application will help attract new customers and fans of the product.

Mobile Shop

A mobile shop is a powerful factor for increasing the competitiveness of any online store. A mobile store allows users to select items from the catalog and place an order with the possibility of being alerted by email or SMS. The mobile application can be integrated with the online store's accounting system and information about incoming orders will be considered along with other orders. Thanks to a two-way exchange of information between the web server and the application, information about the status of the order can be sent to the member's personal account, accessible via your mobile phone.

Games and Entertainment

Applications can be created, not only, as part of the business strategy, but as an independent commercial product. Earning from selling applications is relatively easy. At the first stage, it is necessary to come up with an original idea. It can be a game application, a collection of recipes, or a useful service for business people. Next, we create the application and publish it within the App Store, Android Market, Windows Marketplace and other stores for mobile applications. The application may be pay-per-view, or may not cost anything, but you can generate income by selling advertising or selling additional options within the program (new levels, characters, new releases, magazines, etc.). In any case, with every copy sold, each add-on and display ad will earn you money. Success requires three components: the idea, the means for implementation of the application and its professionalism. If you have the idea, contact us and we will ensure the other two steps go off without a hitch.

Applications for News and Media Resources

This application allows you to broadcast news and information so it will be accessible via a mobile device. This application allows you to reduce the distance from your information resource to arm's length.

Social Networking Applications

Twitter and Facebook are examples of the transformation of social networks into a significant source of income. Any social network needs its shell for iOS, which makes access to social networking convenient and comfortable for its users.

Internal Corporate Solutions

Solutions that optimize the performance of your employees and execution of internal business processes. Mobile terminals, telephones, and tablets are already being widely used for presentations, during transit, for waiters to place orders in restaurants, and on the boards of major companies. Your business can reduce costs and diminish losses, as well as accelerate the production of the finished product through mobile solutions. Our experts are ready to talk about the benefits of mobile platforms for optimizing and growing your business.