Brand and identity

Creating a strong brand is a process that consists of correctly completing several stages.

1. Research:

The first and most crucial step in branding, is to collect and interpret information about the market you are entering and manufacturers who create your product. This is called Competitive Analysis. After the need for research has been justified and agreed to by the client, we start by studying all available data provided by the customer. If the available data is not sufficient, additional research must be ordered along with a proposed methodology of their implementation. After a detailed analysis of the data, if a promising line has been identified, we built the basic concept for the future of the brand, or if the case calls for it, a concept of repositioning an existing brand. In addition, we recommend and monitor the various stages of necessary brand development, such as methods for testing brand names, creating a visual identity and compiling ideas for advertising campaigns.

2. Development of the concept of the brand:

Find a strong concept, based on case studies and comparisons, that defines the purpose of the brand. The concept must answer the question: "Where do we want to go and what do we want to achieve?" Before the development of a brand name, you must determine what the emotional, visual and competitive "fields" look like, in order to achieve building a strong brand. A complete and in-depth study of existing branding concepts used by competitors, along with a detection of a strong and integrated available supply of potential customers will illuminate the path of favorably differentiating your brand from competitive brands, even if both brands have the same set of services, features and qualities.

3. Design:

When done correctly, the development of packaging and label design become a key tool for creating an effective impact on the consumer and, therefore, create a positive brand identity. The appearance of your packaging can entice a person to purchase your brand over another or oppositely deter the potential buyer from purchasing your brand. Therefore, the development and design of packaging should be entrusted to professionals. In developing packaging, we focus on the target audience and by conducting market research that takes into account the existing stereotypes of consumers, we can help you to avoid losing sales on a great product simply because the packaging isn't so great.