What you should know to start development process of your own website?

In this article we will answer some basic questions that often arise amongst our web development clientele.


To instantly answer this question is nearly impossible.  Only companies that develop sites from one (or more) standard templates with a standard set of pages and functions, can be given an instant estimate. Fresh development is not an instant, template-based web design company.  We custom-make all of our websites. Initially, we can only leave you with an estimated wide price range. For companies that develop individual and unique sites, the amount of work varies based upon the specific details and functions of the website.  To calculate the cost of the common tasks involved in creating a website, we split the tasks into smaller more typical categories. This allows us to give a more accurate determination on the final scope and cost of the project. Only after some time is spent negotiating and discussing every detail of the website, will we be able to tell you the final cost of development.

Implementation Timeline

Similar to the previous paragraph, we cannot immediately say how long it will take to develop your project.  However, if you have limited time to create the website, we can offer special conditions of cooperation, in order to complete the development of the site in the required time.

Necessary questions to think about

During your negotiations with our Web development company you need to be prepared for the fact that will have to answer a lot of questions. Because a Fresh Development employee may not know exactly what your company does, you will need to provide the representative with as much information as possible.  Work materials, product catalogs, forms, advertising texts, etc are all great examples of necessary literature.  The more materials you provide, the better.

The first question you are asked in the discussion of the project will be following:

“Why do you need a website?”

To answer this question you will need to contemplate and communicate your needs very clearly.  Long gone are the days when the site was just a "feature" of the company - today websites work, and the good ones work very effectively. Usually, the answers to the above question are as follows:

  • To expand the audience of Internet users/bring in more customers or clients
  • To provide information to the stakeholders
  • To provide additional features to customers, such as online support
  • To provide information to employees of the company or individual subsidiaries


Whatever the answer may be, keep in mind that it will be at the forefront of the web developer’s strategy throughout the entirety of the project.

Be prepared in advance

Does your company already have a corporate identity, logo, or corporate color(s)? If so, be sure to tell this to the web development company.

Depending on the tasks that you set for the site, in the discussion of the project, representatives of the Web development company will be able to understand what technology to use on the site - is it permissible to use animation, video, etc? Is there a need for a registration form or e-commerce? These are important aspects you will want to convey.

Maybe you have seen a website online that you want emulate. Maybe it was the website of a competitor, partner, or any other resource on the internet. Make sure to share these sites during the negotiations. During the discussion with the studio you will be able to understand what elements will be present in your particular project.

How much time will you spend updating the finished site?

Before working on the site, you should know how often you, or your website manager plan to update the site. If you are planning a daily (or once a week) update the content of your portal that will contain all new and updated information, the web development team will create a content management system to suit your needs.

While working on the site, Fresh Development offers a control system, designed just for your project. Even without extensive knowledge of web technologies, you can easily manage the content of your site.