Our team has recently finished our new U.S. based webpage that demonstrates what it means to have a truly adaptable site. We also took into consideration the growth of Internet usage on mobile phones, we have optimized our site for mobile devices. Check out our site on your mobile phone or tablet and see the results for yourself!

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Testing is the final stage of the development of a website. It plays a vital role in creating quality software. The more complicated the site, the longer it takes to test and debug it. Unfortunately, there are many examples of developers and customers who skip the step of testing, which almost always leads to a waste of time and money in the future. When this step is skipped and the site is not user-friendly, this results in more work or a redevelopment of the entire project. This is something we devote a lot of time and attention to so that we can make sure it does not happen. Depending on the project, the testing typically uses 50% of the total budget and time resources.

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We have already discussed the stages that take place in the creation of a website in another post. Building on this concept, this article will discuss the phased creation of an e-commerce website by using of one of our projects as an example: The children's clothing store "Kadabra". The results of the development can be seen at http://kadabra.com.ua
So, what is the first step in developing an online store?

What should you know in order to start the development process of your own website?

In this article we will answer some questions that frequently come up during the development process.

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Not long ago, while working on our flash2html project, we were faced with the task of implementing Parallax Scrolling in applications for iOS, and the result is something we are both proud of and would like to share.

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In this article we will answer some basic questions that often arise amongst our web development clientele.

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In today’s day and age, everyone on the Internet can start a business. There are many pre-packaged solutions that seem to avoid the most difficult (according to many) part of developing an online store. There are many products that you simply download the files, put your company name on them, and a your basic online store is ready. The problem with this is that the creators of such online stores do not think about writing a business plan, or further development planning of the online store. They sell you on how easy it is to set up, and do not bother with the long-term plan for your business. For this reason many such instant stores 'live' a month, or even less.
In this article we would like you to consider the advantages and disadvantages of using a standard content management system while developing an online store, as well as to consider alternative options for to create a successful online store. There is a lot of information on this topic, and often times the different sources contradict each other. In this article we will clarify the issue, collecting the main facts and presenting them to you evenly.

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