A bit of color: The Color of the Year 2013 in Web Design

To write this article we were inspired by an interesting event, which sets the trend for the whole year: Pantone “Color of the Year” selection.

Colore Pantone Institute is an internationally recognized founder of standards for color palette. Annually Pantone Inc. declares a particular color for the upcoming year. The chosen shade becomes a trendsetter for everything from home design to fashion. And of course, it inspires for new ideas in website design and development.
Let’s see which colors were chosen during the last decade:

Colors of the year for web pages 2000 - 2013

So what is the 2013 color of the year? As you can see the color of 2013 year is:

Color of the year 2013 is Pantone 17-5641 Emerald green

According to color experts from Pantone Inc., emerald color adds a touch of luxury and refinement, and promotes harmony and peace. This green shade also indicates new growth, prosperity and a fresh start.
Selection of the color of the year is a long and complicated process. It requires analysis of world-wide trends to see which colors are gaining traction and making an impact on the fashion world.
Pantone Inc. has been choosing colors of the year for the last ten years. The secret meeting of color experts is usually held during the New Year period and lasts two days. After that the decision is declared and the meeting results are published in Pantone View (publication, which contains overall trend forecasts for the upcoming year).
Of course, selecting Emerald green as the color of the year does not mean that everything around has to be exactly green. Institute Pantone, together with leading European designers, has developed a palette of colors that will go well together:

Web color combinations 2013

According to this pallets which set this year graphic design color trends as well, web design teams can make a good choose of web color combinations
As you see, Emerald blends with almost all light colors: beige, cream, light gray, white, and many others. Combinations of emerald with shades of blue and yellow look the most fresh.
Of course, celebrities are constantly following latest fashion trends:

Celebrities wearing 2013 color of the year
Examples of how emerald is being applied in the home design:

Color of the year 2013 in home design
Well, and getting back to our profile: let’s see the examples of emerald on the websites. In 2013 emerald will be the most popular among colors for web pages. Emerald looks fresh and bright in many web projects:

Color of the year 2013 on web pages
However, keep in mind that following the trends you should always remember about your unique identity and style. In this case “The Color of the Year” by Pantone might serve only a good recommendation.