Mobile Apps: 9 Top Trends for 2013

As you might have noticed the previous year was the time for mobile applications to boost. They have become a new type of media and people spend more and more time using them. Last year the number of apps in two most popular application stores (App Store and Google Play) exceeded 700 000 and sales are measured in tens of millions of dollars.

Which trends will become dominant in 2013? Let’s think of what is happening in the world of applications right now.

Top 9 trends in mobile apps 2013

Tablets Rule
51% of tablets vs 49% of smartphones were activated during the Christmas period. Therefore, today success of the apps depends on the chosen user interaction model and will result into an end of universal applications. Developers need to create separate versions of the apps, investing more into them. On the other hand, apps for tablets are more profitable and will pay back fast.

Android vs IOS

apple vs android

Android is going to become as profitable as IOS. This tendency was noted previous year and now it continues to grow, as Android Apps are gaining popularity and earning as much as OIS Apps do. Google is working hard to sell its Apps and increase the amount of paying users; eventually the investments pay off. Some experts say that Android earnings will even surpass IOS by the end of the year.

Paid vs Free Apps
Surprising as it may seem, top-earning apps are free apps. 2012 is the year of Freemium model victory. This year the tendency will only grow: paid apps will lose their popularity, while free apps with all kinds of in-app purchases will gain popularity. First of all this concerns games, but other applications will also join the trend.

App Search Tools

search bar
Google and Apple continue to refine search engines in their webstores, but these improvements will take long. Main channels to find an app will still be top charts, but users will also start using social networks, websites and services.

Localize it!
Sales on local markets will start bringing substantial profit. During 2012 the US share in apps sales was constantly decreasing and in 2013 the markets outside the North American continent will greatly influence apps sales rates. Under these circumstances it is very important to correctly locate your app and, in case with Android, make sure it’s available somewhere other than Google Play.

Social Platforms
In 2013 Facebook will become a key to Apps success. Right now 8 out of 10 top apps are connected to the world largest social network. This year integration with social networks will become a crucial point for getting new customers, and no successful app will come out without social features. It also seems that this integration will result into something more than just a wall post with recommendations, so we will probably see some unusual integration ideas.

Real becomes Digital
Applications will now develop not only digital, but also real world. This might be best observed in the branches where applications have not been applied or commonly used before. Examples might be health care, payment systems, education and so on.

Revenue Distribution
As the competition on the mobile apps market increases, it is becoming more and more difficult for newcomers to introduce their products. This year big publishers will be able to get profit even from unsuccessful projects, while independent developers might lose everything in case of a smallest mistake.

These are 9 mobile app trends, which we believe will make difference in 2013. However, we suggest you not to wait until all of the forecasts come true, but better hurry up and contact us: we will develop a great mobile app for you, according to the latest trends.