5 Major Web Design Trends to Watch Out in 2013

For the last couple of years web design industry has been going through great changes. Breakthroughs of previous years are now surpassed by even more exciting innovations and latest novelties are quickly becoming outdated.
How to become a successful player in the increasingly dynamic web world? The answer is simple, but challenging for a newcomer: you should not only keep a close eye on the current trends in this industry, but also predict a few of its steps ahead. Being closely tied up with web design and development industry, we decided to make your life easy and share our vision on web industry prospects.
Single Page Websites
Recently, more and more agencies are developing single-page websites. It’s a great option if users do not have much time to get acquainted with the whole content of the site: mono-page looks quite dynamic and extremely informative. In addition, these websites look great on tablets and other portable devices.

Skeuomorphism vs. Minimalism
Skeuomorphic designs are those which emulate objects in the physical world. Many users of Apple products can recognize skeuomorphic elements on their devices. But in 2013 this trend is going to be replaced by minimalism: design, based on conciseness, simplicity and typographics.

Adaptive Design
Growing popularity of mobile devices has created a problem of website display with different screen resolutions. Majority of mobile devices use zoom when the website content cannot be displayed in the actual size. As a result, you need to scroll and move around the page a lot to find information you’re interested in. Adaptive design aims at making the website more user-friendly: it detects the type of user’s device and re-codes the page, so that its content would perfectly fit to the screen.

Adaptation for Retina Displays
In 2012, Apple released a range of devices with new retina screens, which are gaining amazing popularity. This innovation has influenced both: application development and website design. Now the graphics for conventional screens will look shoddy on new Retina display, since it has two times more pixels than any other device.

Use of Infographics
Although we can say that this technique appeared a long time ago, it is not going to outdate: big data presented in a bright visual form always helps effectively deliver any amount of information.

Use of Bright Photos
Nowadays you can often see a beautiful eye-catching photo as the background of the website, which immediately attracts users’ attention. Particularly well this trick might be used for websites of design studios, showrooms, model agencies, where it is particularly important to hook the customer at once.

Certainly, it is important to keep up with the latest trends and be among the first to implement them. However, you should always keep in mind your own style and personality that make your design recognizable and unique.