Example of Promo Website

Recently our team has been developing a promotional website for the brand Green Day. Being very excited about this project, we decided to dedicate today’s article to promo-websites creation and share a few tips on successful promo-website strategies.

Step 1. The preliminary stage of promotional website development is determining target audience of the product. In other words, you should get a full picture of your potential customers and be aware of their lifestyle, concerns and desires. In case with Green Day our target audience consists of young people over 25 with higher average income. They lead active lifestyle, follow the trends and quickly spread innovations among their community. That’s why we decided to apply the latest web technologies and develop a mobile version of the website to better reach the potential customers.

Step 2. After getting all information needed for promo website development, we started to work on the project concept. Taking into consideration characteristics of the target audience, we added some outstanding visual and technological solutions like asynchronous load of pages and parallax animation to create the image of a modern high tech brand.

Step 3. After choosing the website concept, we started working on the design. At this stage we developed webpages’ layouts, created visuals and drew details of the website.

Step 4. Next task is to create a software part of the promo site, debug and, the last but not the least, test its performance before putting the website on server.

As the result we got a bright and catchy promotional website, which attracts customers and creates the image of a high tech brand for “Green Day”.