Competitive intelligence

Obtaining an in-depth analysis of your competitors, is a very necessary component to ensure your company remains competitive. It is important to know your competitors, for you to have a better impact on your target audience. At this stage, analysis of competitors' activity points out the potential market for your goods or services online, as well as, makes it easier to promote your own website by simply adjusting their online strategy.

What criteria is included in assessing the activity of competitors?

  1. A study of the competitive environment on the Internet for qualitative and quantitative indicators
  2. Evaluation of competitors' sites including their structure, content, and identifying the strengths and weaknesses
  3. Analysis of pricing in this segment of the market to see how you compete
  4. Analysis of the client's site including identifying gaps and benefits
  5. Analysis of SEO used to promote competition including keywords, strategies and methods of promotion

What should be done all the time?

  • Analyze methods that competitors use for promotion
  • Track marketing and outreach activities
  • Watch for reviews of competitors on various resources including forums, social networks, blogs, etc.


This method will help you become one of the best in your field and help formulate objectives for the management of promoting your website.

Getting Results:

With the help of a professional analysis of competitor activity, your website will become more interesting and your business will have a leg up on the competition. Performing an analysis of the competitive environment by yourself is very difficult, so it is best to pass this task off to the professionals.