API system

You can integrate your applications to provide access to interconnected data.

Enterprise applications have a huge impact on business productivity. However, a single application rarely provides access to all the data needed to support making informed business decisions. Therefore, to ensure the required availability to all the related information from various applications, including their aggregation, it is necessary to integrate these applications.

Services Application Integration

Automating processes in your company will help you work more efficiently and Fresh Development offers the needed services of systems integration to get you automated. Fresh Development will connect your disparate systems (systems based on different technologies) together, and set up the connection between your enterprise and your web applications with third-party solutions, using different API.

Integration services include:

  • Back-end integration
  • Web Services Development
  • Development and integration API
  • Data integration
  • Integration of enterprise applications

The Fresh Development Team will link your CRM system with other enterprise systems, your financial management system with your payment systems, as well as, provide many other types of integration. Fresh Development can synchronize your BI application system of personnel management with your task management system and inventory management system, as well as, with other applications, allowing you to extract performance metrics for analysis and advanced forecasting.