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Fresh Development is devoted to developing and implementing a comprehensive Internet strategy to help your company evolve faster. We operate based on a straight forward "problem - solution - result" principle. After helping to define the basic goals that you, visitor, wish to achieve through the Internet, we will create a step-by-step program specifically catered to achieving those goals. Typically, we begin with a comprehensive review of your current set-up. For an existing company, we identify and analyze problem areas and work with you to come up with a customized solution for the company’s unique needs. For a new company, we can work with you to plan, develop, and implement a complete web & software solution. Our goal is to provide you with a new asset that helps you catapult towards success.

Today, there are more than 2 billion potential customers on the Internet. By tracking the latest trends within the network, we understand how to distinguish your target audience and get your message to them faster and more effectively.

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The secret ingredients to our websites

Back-end technologies are the heart of our services. We structure our websites rigorously by selecting and creating the perfect mix of back-end technology fine-tuned to your needs. This drastically increases the performance of the site whether it is being used internally or by potential clients. In addition to higher performance, our back-end technology makes sure the valuable data being collected is properly stored and processed so that it can be used faster and more efficiently.


Technologies used to develop a more interactive, user-friendly site

Our front-end technologies are responsible for an interactive and user-friendly site. Using modern techniques and applications (such as jQuery) we have the ability to create interesting visual effects that will engage your users as they navigate through your site. Combining this with the correct page layout, we create the perfect site scalable to your company’s needs. Laying this solid foundation also has the additional benefit of achieving better search results. All our websites are Search Engine Optimized, which helps you reach your audience more effectively.


Tools we use to organize the development process

Our diligent use of modern tools and a robust organizational workflow allows us to guarantee the timing and quality of every project we do. The tools we use allow us to store multiple copies of the project to make sure your project is safe during the development process, and for your convenience, we allow customers to track the current status of the project and to understand exactly where we are in the process.

97% of customers now use online media when researching products and services in their local area

88.1% of US internet users ages 14+ browse or research products online

Online shoppers reached 184.3 million

In seven years, the number of people who buy products online has doubled.

As you might have noticed the previous year was the time for mobile applications to boost. They have become a new type of media and people spend more and more time using them. Last year the number of apps in two most popular application stores (App Store and Google Play) exceeded 700 000 and sales are measured in tens of millions of dollars.

Which trends will become dominant in 2013? Let’s think of what is happening in the world of applications right now.

General April full text

Recently our team has been developing a promotional website for the brand Green Day. Being very excited about this project, we decided to dedicate today’s article to promo-websites creation and share a few tips on successful promo-website strategies.

General April full text

Currently there exist over 200 various CMS; how to choose the one, which will best meet your demands and needs of your business? To help you do that we’ve created the list of CMS core features for the web store and are happy to share it with you.

General April full text

For the last couple of years web design industry has been going through great changes. Breakthroughs of previous years are now surpassed by even more exciting innovations and latest novelties are quickly becoming outdated.

How to become a successful player in the increasingly dynamic web world?

General March full text

To write this article we were inspired by an interesting event, which sets the trend for the whole year: Pantone “Color of the Year” selection.

Colore Pantone Institute is an internationally recognized founder of standards for color palette. Annually Pantone Inc. declares a particular color for the upcoming year. The chosen shade becomes a trendsetter for everything from home design to fashion. And of course, it inspires for new ideas in website design and development.
Let’s see which colors were chosen during the last decade:
As you can see the color of 2013 year is Pantone 17-5641 Emerald green.

General March full text

While reviewing our latest articles, we’ve noticed that most of them concern technical details of website development. Meanwhile, this information might not be particularly important and useful for our clients.
That’s why this time we decided to focus on the major practical aspect, which usually emerges, when it comes to actual website development: website classification.

General March full text

Our team has recently finished our new U.S. based webpage that demonstrates what it means to have a truly adaptable site. We also took into consideration the growth of Internet usage on mobile phones, we have optimized our site for mobile devices. Check out our site on your mobile phone or tablet and see the results for yourself!

General March full text

Testing is the final stage of the development of a website. It plays a vital role in creating quality software. The more complicated the site, the longer it takes to test and debug it. Unfortunately, there are many examples of developers and customers who skip the step of testing, which almost always leads to a waste of time and money in the future. When this step is skipped and the site is not user-friendly, this results in more work or a redevelopment of the entire project. This is something we devote a lot of time and attention to so that we can make sure it does not happen. Depending on the project, the testing typically uses 50% of the total budget and time resources.

General January full text


All the members of our team are artists in their own field. Development, design, social integration, and even management can be done creatively.


We have very high quality standards, and all the members of our team know and follow them, so that we can develop and deliver our projects to you when you need them. 


Each member of our team has millions of ideas in their head, just waiting for their implementation. 


The Fresh Development team always increases their professional knowledge by visiting conferences, master classes, and by writing our own technical tutorials for others to use.

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